June 24, 2024

Urvish Patel

As a graphic designer and Gujarati content writer, I'm a true creative chameleon, always eager to explore new frontiers. With over four years of experience under my belt, I'm on a constant journey of growth and self-discovery, honing my skills as a visual storyteller and wordsmith. Whether I'm crafting mesmerizing graphics or penning thought-provoking content, I bring a unique perspective to every project. As a Graphic Designer at ManticLabs, I've had the privilege of contributing my creative vision to numerous projects, learning from the best and building a reputation for innovation. But my creative pursuits don't stop there! I'm also the proud creator of Gaamayan, an Instagram page where design, writing, literature, and history collide in a whirlwind of inspiration. My skillset includes graphic design, creative writing, content writing, marketing and branding, Adobe Creative Suite proficiency, and social media management. I'm a dedicated lifelong learner, always seeking new ways to expand my horizons and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving creative landscape. If you're looking for a versatile creative collaborator, let's connect and embark on a journey of inspiration and growth. Together, we can bring your visions to life and create something truly remarkable.