June 24, 2024


The poem કરતા જાળ કરોળિયો… by Kavi Dalpatram in my mother tongue Gujarati beautifully depicts a spider’s persistent effort in building a web despite continual falls. This serves as a profound reflection of the innate nature of learning that is evident from the very beginning of our lives.

The Nature of Learning:

Learning is a universal instinct that is intrinsic to human beings. Just like how we all learned to walk through a process of trial and error, each fall presenting an opportunity to analyze and improve our movements. This fundamental process of learning can be applied to mastering any new skill, be it speaking a language or dancing.

The Learning Model:

My approach to learning aligns closely with the natural cycle of trial and error. It begins with experiencing a new skill, followed by reflecting on what transpired and why. Subsequently, I identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments based on my previous observations. Finally, I dive back into the experience to see the results of my modifications.

Personal Learning Experience:

As an avid lover of Paneer Masala with Paratha, a traditional Indian dish, I embarked on a journey to learn how to make Paneer Masala after moving away from home for the first time. While I was confident in making Paratha, mastering the art of Paneer Masala posed a new challenge.

The Reflective Cycle in Action:

Upon researching recipes online, I encountered a plethora of methods, leading to confusion. However, by drawing upon my foundational knowledge of curry-making, I devised a plan to create the base curry and incorporate Paneer accordingly. Despite initial setbacks and dry curries, I persisted in refining my technique through multiple attempts.

Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone:

With each failed attempt, I learned valuable lessons about the importance of water content and spice balance in Paneer Masala. Through perseverance and a tenacity to improve, I eventually crafted my own secret recipe that garnered praise from friends and family alike.

I was extremely happy that day. I even posted a story on Instagram and shared photos of my Paneer Masala with my family in our WhatsApp group.

In my insta story, I also wrote…


For instance, when there was a need for faster transportation than horse-drawn carriages, the car was invented.

Similarly, when the need arose to learn how to make paneer, I watched different videos, became confused, and eventually created my own personal recipe.


In conclusion, my journey in learning to make Paneer Masala exemplifies the reflective cycle of learning. Embracing setbacks and leveraging them as opportunities for growth are crucial elements in the mastery of any skill. Just like the spider in the poem, I continue to fall, rise, and improve, embodying the essence of the perpetual learning journey.

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