June 24, 2024


In today’s competitive job market, implementing effective marketing strategies is essential for job seekers to stand out and showcase their skills. As a freelancer, self-promotion through well-crafted marketing approaches is key to landing projects and establishing a professional reputation. The significance of marketing strategies cannot be underestimated, as they play a crucial role in communicating one’s unique value proposition to potential employers and clients.

Exploring Marketing Strategies

In a recent class session with Professor Laura, I was introduced to a diverse range of marketing strategies suitable for both job seekers and freelancers. From online tactics like social media, vlogging/blogging, email marketing, LinkedIn, and SEO to offline approaches such as networking events, establishing a market presence, and collaborating with local businesses, a successful self-promotion strategy encompasses a combination of various methods.

Preferable Strategies

Considering my introverted nature, I have chosen to focus primarily on online marketing strategies to promote my skills effectively. As an international student seeking job sponsorships post-graduation, establishing a strong online presence is crucial. Hence, I will invest my efforts in the following key areas:

Personal Portfolio Development

I am excited to enhance my personal website, urvish.me, by creating a dedicated blog section at urvish.me/blog and revamping the portfolio segment.

Here I am sharing a screenshot of my figjam board.

By utilizing the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress, I aim to design an engaging and user-friendly platform to showcase my projects, side ventures, and share insights through regular blog updates.

Email Marketing Strategy

I plan to utilize cold emailing as a direct approach to connect with potential employers.

Drawing insights from the Harvard Business Review’s “A Guide to Cold Emailing” I will craft personalized messages to engage hiring managers and decision-makers effectively.

LinkedIn Branding / ( My Profile Urvish Patel | LinkedIn )

Building a robust presence on LinkedIn is a key focus area for me.

The above snapshot is the current view of my profile( as on 08/04/2024). I will improve my strategies, once I complete my projects of this academic year 2023-2024.

Through consistent content sharing related to my projects and experiences, I aim to expand my professional network and attract a broader range of clients for freelance or full-time opportunities.

Social Media Promotion ( My Profile @Urvish.Me )

Among the social media channels available, I have opted to concentrate on Instagram, where I have set up a professional account at @urvish.me .

Leveraging this visually-driven platform, I can showcase my work, connect with a diverse audience, and enhance my personal brand visibility.

In Conclusion

As an international student navigating the job market, I have strategically selected online marketing strategies aligned with my strengths and objectives. By investing in a personal website, leveraging email outreach, building a strong LinkedIn presence, and utilizing Instagram, I am confident in my ability to effectively promote myself and increase my chances of securing the desired sponsorship role.


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