June 24, 2024

My Daily Sketching – 8 April 2024 Onwards…


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Today, I started with my family member’s name in my own mother tongue, Gujarati.

On the next page, I did a little warm-up using the freehand circle method and cross-hatch method that we used to do in our school days.

Next, I tried to depict Arjun and Krishna, where Arjun is bowing to Krishna.”1863″ means chapter number 18, verse 63 of the Bhagavad Gita.

Finally, I finished exploring logo ideas for my UI/UX project of the conceptual app, which I named “Bhomiyo.” It’s a Gujarati word (my mother tongue again), which means “someone who guides us when we are lost in a new place.” And that’s the core idea of my app.