June 24, 2024

I am writing this post in May 2024, where I’ll share my career plans for the next two years. I have previously discussed these plans with my professors during a presentation.

Our graduation ceremony is set for July this year. Assuming I graduate in July 2024, my plans post-graduation include pursuing a creative job, freelancing, and following my passion.

Creative Job

After graduating, expected in July 2024, I have two plans. Plan A involves searching for a job that offers visa sponsorship, also known as the Skilled Worker visa route. Plan B, my backup, involves applying for a Graduate Route Visa, which lasts up to two years.

While pursuing either of these plans, I intend to continue learning and growing in my field. I plan to take on freelance projects to enhance my portfolio. I also have created my instagram page called @urvish.me to post my works. I’m particularly interested in roles and projects that enable me to utilize my creativity and problem-solving skills.

Restarting Freelancing & My Passion

Conversely, I am resuming my freelancing journey which I undertook 2 years ago under the banner of Narada Creatives. This will help boost my income. Previously, I did freelance graphic designing, encompassing a variety of skills such as logo design, social media content creation & management, and animated invitation video production. Here, I am sharing some of my past work.

I also managed an Instagram page, @SugartwistByKruti, for one year. During this time, I helped Kruti grow from 800 followers to 10,000 followers.

I am now aiming to restart my freelancing business, Narada.

In addition, I will reignite my passion for storytelling. I write stories based on real incidents and create posts for my Instagram page, @gaamayan. My passion will help me to do the things necessary to grow and improve.

So to conclude

After my graduation in July 2024, I plan to pursue a creative job, either through the Skilled Worker visa or the Graduate Route Visa. At the same time, I’m set on continuing my freelance work under the banner of @Narada Creatives, with a focus on graphic design and social media management. Additionally, I’m eager to reignite my passion for storytelling through my Instagram page, @gaamayan.


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