June 24, 2024

Overall Objectives:

My learning journey for the next year (2023-24) is structured around three core areas: Professional Web Development, Data Visualization, and User Interface and User Experience Design. Each represents a world that is waiting to be uncovered.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Acquisition and Application: Diving into New Waters:

My goal is to master the Elementor Page Builder, taking my Professional Web Development skills to new heights. I am interested in learning about Data Visualization. UIUX Design is where I will gain confidence in presentations by conducting user experience research and design.

Building on Strengths, Tackling Weaknesses:

I am highly skilled at creative design thinking, but my ability to present designs to clients isn’t as strong. I’m currently working on improving my research skills in order to overcome this obstacle.

Crafting a Path to Success:

It’s my intention to chart a course for success-engaging in creative design thinking, keeping my portfolio fresh, and simultaneously improving my presentation skills and research abilities through workshops.

Processes and Method: Balancing Act in Learning Environments:

The choice between home comfort and college structure is an emotional one. I aim to merge the best features of each environment, leveraging the strengths of each.

Gazing into the Future:

A design studio or agency internship is the ultimate goal for me after graduation. This involves meticulous portfolio development and refining my creative thinking abilities.

Possible Collaborators: Keeping It Simple and Solo:

In my experience, I’ve always been more comfortable working alone than in a group. Collaborations and live briefs are not among my highest priorities right now, but who knows? Maybe I’ll explore these avenues in the future.

Commercial Context Related to Progression into Industry: What’s Next in the Pipeline:

My attention is drawn to competitions as a way to showcase my skills to a wider audience. I’m considering participating in web development or design contests to challenge myself and showcase my skills to a wider audience.

Possible Sources of Research:

A Dynamic Journey of Exploration:

Although I am still in the process of assembling all the puzzle pieces, my journey is dynamic. My approach to hands-on learning is driven by adaptation, exploration, and active engagement with competitions and real-world projects.

Anticipated Problems or Specialist Needs/Access to Resources: Flexibility and Adaptability as Allies:

In spite of the fact that potential challenges remain unexplored, I believe the openness with which I approach them as they arise is an integral part of my ability to maintain flexibility and adaptability.

Summing It Up:

In crafting my learning plans, I am committed not only to acquiring knowledge, but also to weaving a story of innovation. Let me take you on this personal journey, where challenges become chapters, skills become strokes, and the masterpiece gradually emerges.


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