June 24, 2024

Every day, I follow a structured routine to optimize my productivity and well-being. I kickstart my mornings by preparing for the day ahead and enjoying a nourishing breakfast. If I have work scheduled, I head to my workplace. On days off, I used to spend excessive time aimlessly browsing through YouTube and Instagram videos. However, I’ve recently introduced meaningful changes to enhance my daily habits.

Enhancing Productivity Through Algorithm Training

In a bid to curtail my mindless scrolling on social media platforms, I decided to create fresh profiles on both YouTube and Instagram. By training the algorithms to cater to my professional interests and personal passions, I’ve almost successfully reduced the influx of irrelevant content. I still need to work on training youtube algorithms. This strategic move has facilitated a shift towards consuming more valuable and enriching material that aligns with my goals.

Although, I already trained my instagram feed algorithm to show me only a creative content that I enjoy.

The Desired Habit: Reading and Sketching for Growth

Among the many habits that I aspire to cultivate, two stand out prominently: reading and sketching. While I used to be an avid reader, I lost touch with this practice after relocating to the UK. Despite receiving some unfinished books from my family, I’m eager to reignite my reading habit. Research indicates that regular reading can significantly enhance creativity and cognitive function. Additionally, I’ve invested in an A5 dotted journal to jumpstart my journey towards developing a consistent sketching routine. Embracing creativity through sketching is crucial in unlocking my full imaginative potential.

Strategies for Habit Formation

To effectively embed these new practices into my daily schedule, I intend to adopt a gradual approach, as advocated by James Clear, the author of “Atomic Habits”, in the following article; How to Build New Habits: This is Your Strategy Guide (jamesclear.com). For reading, I will initially commit to reading just 5 pages daily. This manageable target will serve as a foundation upon which I can steadily increase my reading volume over time. Similarly, for sketching, I plan to begin with sketching one page in my journal daily. As my comfort level with this artistic expression grows, I can progressively elevate the complexity and frequency of my sketches.

For the sketching habit, I already ordered A5 Sized Dotted Journal for sketching.

Regarding building a reading habit again, I already got these books last year from my family, via the courier.

Embarking on the Habit Transformation Journey

The commencement of these new habits is scheduled for the second week of April, commencing on the 8th. By setting specific and achievable goals and initiating with small steps, I am confident in seamlessly integrating these activities into my daily routine. The impending changes hold the promise of fostering personal growth and enhancing my professional endeavors.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, my focus lies on instilling two key habits: a daily reading practice, beginning with 5 pages daily, and a daily sketching routine, starting with one page. These transformative habits aim to enrich my design practice by expanding my creativity, knowledge, and overall cognitive capabilities. Sketching, in particular, offers a tangible outlet for my ideas and facilitates the realization of my creative potential. I eagerly anticipate the positive impact these habits will have on my personal development and professional achievements.

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