June 24, 2024

Reflective Practice // 2023-2024

Under the guidance of Professor Laura, during my academic year of 2023-2024, I created these blog posts while studying BA(Hons) Graphic Communication at Newcastle College, UK.

No.TasksMy Blog Post
1.Learning PlansMy Learning Plans – 2023/24 – Urvish Patel
2.Research // Your Favourite DesignerHow Rajeev Mehta Became My Ideal Designer !
3.MindsetMy Approach to Mindset: I am on the fence. – Urvish Patel
4.Reflective ModelsExploring Reflective Models: A Journey Through Kolb, Boud, and Gibbs
5.Creating Reflective ModelsCreating own Reflective Cycle – Urvish Patel
6.How To Write A Blog Post – Part 1The Evolution of Visual Communication: From Cave Paintings to Modern Digital Infographics
7.How To Write A Blog Post – Part 2My Further Plans / mid’24 to 2026.
8.Productivity and Time Management – PROCESSProductivity and Time Management – Urvish Patel
9.Six Hats of Thinking6 Hats of Thinking & SWOT Analysis.
10.Working HabitsMy Working Habits
11.Write a blog post about the Baltic Art Gallery visitBaltic Art Gallery visit
12.Blog about which marketing strategies you might useMarketing Strategies
14. Reflective Practice – Final EvaluationReflective Practice // Final Evaluation